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Video Processor

Edge Blending Processor with PIP/POP and Edge Blending for Projectors with Portrait Direction for Flexible Display Configuration

A curved screen edge blending processor with the ability to provide multiple processing modules to control from 1 to 4 projectors based on user’s requirements. It can provide single processing module for one projector, ED2 for 2 projectors, ED3 for 3 projectors and ED4 for 4 projectors. It was designed for sophisticated edge blending as well as image warping, stacking, projection mapping, irregular video wall and passive 3D…etc It is integrated with 10-bit high end processor, motion adaptive de-interlace and 3:2/2:2 pull-down.

ImageBox-ED2, ED3, ED4 (with output Channel up to 4)

Extraordinary Features

  1. Input supports up to 4k/2k @30Hz

  2. Image warp, geometry alignment and edge blending

  3. Able to do edge mask with black background in each edge up to 500 pixels

  4. Support Passive and active 3D

  5. High end 10-bit video processor

  6. PIP/POP function can be done across entire display system.

  7. Two landscape contents can be displayed on one portrait LCD with two contents

  8. Image rotation and flip

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