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Video Processor

Curved Screen Warping Processor for Geometry Alignment with PIP/POP & Image Flip

Multiple purpose video processor with warp, de-warp, video wall control, format conversion, scaler switcher, PIP/POP, 3D format conversion, image cropping and flip/rotation. In addition to above functions, ImageBox- Warp also has embedded edge blending function. User can use front Panel keyboard, IR controller or PC to perform edge Blending and sophisticated geometry alignment up to 17X17 grids. Each corner geometry adjustment range is up to horizontal +/- 1200 pixels and vertical +/- 800 pixels in Full HD output through remote controller.

ImageBox- Warp

Extraordinary Features

  1. Support Various kind of Video input

  2. Warp and geometry alignment

  3. Convenient for extreme geometry adjustment.

  4. Edge Masking with Black background

  5. Image stacking for flat and curved screen

  6. PIP/POP Multiple windows display

  7. Support Corner Wall Display

  8. Full dimension Image Flipping

  9. Image rotation and maintain original aspect ratio

  10. Dual landscape contents displayed on portrait LCD

  11. Support up to 4k/2k @30Hz input with 4:4:4 full color sampling without compression

  12. Image Cropping, zooming , Panning and overlapping , warping and de-wrapping

  13. Passive 3D display

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