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Pre-defined Display Modes

Video Processor

4K Processor for Creative Display with Image Rotating (Any Angle & Position) Capability

ImageBox- UD Advanced is world unique and the first pure hardware solution that can create any kind of display modes through OSD operation. User can also create all kinds of display modes for regular, portrait and irregular video wall with different size, resolution and bezel LCDs at any angle and position through inputting two coordinates of Top Left and Top Right corners of the image cropped for each LCD without other device or software. It has pre-defined playback modes selected by Dip SW. It provides a simple and reliable solution for professional creative video wall. Users will benefit with great effectiveness, flexibility and ease-of-use.

ImageBox- UD Advanced

Extraordinary Features

  1. Flexible video source connection

  2. Quad channel outputs:

  3. System cascade display with looping ports

  4. 37 Pre-defined display modes by Dip SW on front panel

  5. Create irregular video wall by user through remote controller or simple PC Tool

  6. Anyplace cropping

  7. Flexible aspect ratio control through OSD menu

  8. Flexible entire image position shift

  9. Auto looping playback

  10. Programmable EDID with preset 23 EDID + programmable EDID setting

  11. PIP function: from two selected signal sources with flexible image size and position adjustment across entire video wall.

  12. POP function, Two POP landscape contents can be displayed at top/bottom position on portrait display LCD.

  13. Custom settings: Up to 5 different user settings can be stored and recalled at any time.

Cascading without Limitation
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