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Video Processor

Multi-screen Processor  -  ImageBox Lite

ImageBox Lite is a specific LCD TV, ultra-narrow LCD screen, HD projector multi-screen processor, support 4-way HDMI signal output, connected to four LCD TV or other display device, can be customized 2*2, 1*4, 4*1 modes according to user needs.



Quad-screen processing

ImageBox Lite four-screen processor supports 4-way HDMI signal output, four connections are LCD TV or other display devices such as projectors, DLP, plasma and other display unit, the4 display unit spliced to form a large screen. ImageBox Lite can be customized 2*2, 1*4, 4*1 and other mosaic pattern according to the user's requirements.


Multiple Input signals

Supports 1 composite video, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 USB total of four signal inputs, HDMI and USB signal interface comes with audio decoding, composite video and VGA signal plus the corresponding audio binding interface, all the input video signal can achieve synchronized output switching with audio interfaces is as follows:


Mirroring function

Compared with ordinary splicing products, ImageBox Lite has 180-degree image flip function for each individual display. Users use ordinary LCD Panel  when multi-screen process, a up row of LCD Panels rotated 180 degrees, thereby significantly reducing LCD splicing gap, reducing image distortion caused by the seam is too large, as shown below:

Before overturn

After overturn of up low

Edge mask function

All tiled display unit has some physical border gap, under no edge shielding processing, the image will appear the pull-apart on visually, feel very unnatural; past the edge mask processing the image without deformation, stretching, more natural and realistic on visual . As contrast image shown before and after handling the shield edge.

Without edge shielding

After edge mask processing

U-disk Play

Our products enable USB playback and stitching. After the basic functions of LCD splicing, users achieve simple video or picture format stitching playback, on the USB interface of our products just need to insert a USB memory stick, no special configuration a computer or other playback devices, simple and practical. USB can support a number of popular video, pictures, MP3, TXT documents; it supports the selected video or all Play; It supports all video round robin play, pause, fast-forward, the program list.


Remote control function

Remote control special customized for the ImageBox Lite, all functions of multi-screen with remote control buttons correspond exactly, non-market public mode remote control. All functions can be done on the remote control like multi-screen processor settings, switching, adjustable, and use ultra-sensitive design, remote control distance up to 7-10 meters.

2x2 Video Wall Display
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