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This product is a high performance 4 by 1 Quad Multi-Viewer with seamless switcher. It supports four High definition input source display on one screen, and have three multi-view effect mode. As a switcher, it can also seamlessly switch the four HD input freely. The product can be controled by various ways, through the front panel button control, IR control,  RS232 control etc. The product provides an S/PDIF link to output the HDMI source audio at the same time. In addition,this prodcut have basic version and extender version.The Extender version can extend the video and audio signals over single 50m CAT5e/6 with Bi-directional IR control.


  • Compliant with HDMI 1.3a,HDCP 1.2

  • Supports multiplexed HDMI 4-input and 1-output

  • Supports up to 1080p High Definition resolution

  • Support 4by1 Quad Multi-viewer and seamless switch

  • Support scaler up,scaler down function

  • Support multi output resolution

  • Support digital audio format LPCM/AC3/DTS

  • Support button,IR,RS232 etc various controlled ways

  • IR system allowing for control of source at display end

  • Allows HDMI Audio/Video and IR signals to be transmitted over a single Cat5e/6 cable (Extender Version)



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