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Wireless Transmitters

CSL ImagePresent – a wireless collaboration device for easy information share during meetings, conferences, training classes etc. You can easily mirror your images, documents, presentation slides, and any screen on your device including iPad, Android/iOS Devices, MacBook, PC with Microsoft Windows etc. put on the display unit or projection screen instantly by pressing “ShowMe button”


  • Support VESA PC resolution input, auto-detecting

  • Can transmit PC or Macbook's mirror or extended desktop

  • Can transmit smart devices' mirror, photos, videos, music etc.

  • Support the Wireless Media Teleporter "show-me" button 

  • Support USB plug-in auto configuration/pairing for Wireless Media Teleporter "show-me" button

  • Support remote viewing the active signal on displayer by installed app on smart devices

  • Support remote mouse to control the active source devices from other smart devices

  • Support "Airplay" for apple device

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration System
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